5.0 Adobe Transient Witticisms™

  • Hey!  Where's the button to stroke my thing?
  • On Strange Cargo: a lovely warm color  suffused with mushrooms
  • Actually the answers are: No, Maybe, Maybe
  • Word to your monkey!
  • The fate of the country depends on Photoshop
  • Murphy's law of QA: it'll never fail if an engineer is around to see it
  • Four Billion just isn't as much as it used to be.
  • So at what point do you become a being of pure energy?  Oh, that takes a triple
  • I can't see the lines I used to think I could read between
  • Yoiks!
  • So much time and so little to do.  Wait a minute - strike that - reverse it.
  • Udo est vivant
  • Your cheeriness is giving me a headache
  • Damn; it's _more_ pink now...
  • She's like a battery powered Mary Tyler Moore!
  • Excuse me sir - ticket to Clueville?
  • Let me through - Iím a nosy person.
  • Actually, it's the manacles Iím not sure about...
  • So the guy says, "Thatís not a monkey, and my name's not Johnson!"

From the Home Office in White Bear Lake (doncha know)...
Top Ten Signs the Engineering Team has been Working Too Hard:

10. They go home, they come back to work, and they still haven't seen the sun.
 9. Seriously consider taking a cool refreshing swim in the flood-swollen Guadalupe
 8. What if I quit my job and became a hobo? ìYeah, I could see that.
 7. More paranoid delusions about there really being a poison doughnut this time
 6. QA teamís trigger fingers startiní to get twitchy around RC build 25
 5. Rookie lab staff complaining about staying late - at midnight
 4. Andy looks.....blonde
 3. Vague mumblings about "not enough hardware to get the job done, and I don't mean computers"
 2. Executive ice run frequency at a fever pitch

And the number one sign that the Engineering team has been working too hard:
 1. The waist-high layer of angst

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